With unlimited possiblities, it was hard to narrow down exactly what the initial applications for nanocellulose would be. We took the apporach of finding what would drive revenue in a sustainable timeline.


The Here and Now

Nanocellulose skin care products.

At DeLeón cosmetics, beautiful, youthful skin is our passion. Inspired by Juan Ponce deLeón's search for the fountain of youth, our products utilize natural ingredients and incorporate state-of-the-art anti-aging properties to rejuvenate your skin and combat the signs of aging. Check out our products at Deleon Cosmetics




Nanocellulose films.

At Nanopaper, the nanocellulose material is transformed into films for various applications.  We have also developed films specially adapted to art conservation in collaboration with paper conservators in the field of art conservation. Check out us at Nanopaper



The Near Future



Structural Cellulose

This has been one the most talked about applications for nanocellulose due to its inherent strength properties - while remaining extremely light weight. Processing nanocellulose from raw material into a useful substance has proven to be a challenge to most, but here at nanovision we have found unique manufacturing processes to convert raw nanocellulose into shaped composites with 100% cellulose content.


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The Long Term


Our team of experienced researchers have found ways to allow rapid cell growth on nanocellulose. With this development, there is huge potential for wound care products. We are currently devloping products that will take advantage of nanocelluloses properties and incorporate existing techonology to create superior wound care products.